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Images, with its vivid form and its abundant field information delivered for news, are widely used in various reports. The competition of the "First Press" in seconds has been extremely fierce in the media field. During this period, the most difficult work is processing the pictures. No matter what is prevailing image process which is very complicated by film-based technology for picture-processing, or what is highly independent on computer and internet to process them with the age called digital times, the timing of released news still lagged the timing of the events happened. By ez Share, a Wi-Fi SDHC card, reporters, photographers, and journalists can easily add Wi-Fi function for their DCs. They can shoot high quality photos, and then promptly transfer them to mobile phones, iPad, and others Wi-Fi devices wirelessly without necessity of computers and networks. This specific on-the-go application called “Catch and Transfer” implicates that staff at a press or a media can shoot photos and transfer them back to newsroom instantly, anytime and anywhere.
News & Media Solution
中科龙泽公司自主研发的易享派ez Share产品为实现新闻图片快速采集并传输提供了方便的解决方案。不仅可提供方便的实时读取功能、快速传输功能,而且还在确保便捷和高速传输的条件下传送高画质图片。
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