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Wifi SD card proves a hit at Digital Show

From:互联网 Author:Admin Date:2012-6-12

The recently concluded Digital Show in Melbourne was a resounding success according to most retailers who participated at the show.


The judging panel of retailers entered into keen and passionate debate when selecting the annual picks of the hottest new products on display at this year’s Digital Show.






The nominations were wide and varied covering a more diverse range of products than seen in previous years.


Connected Australia spoke to Peter Budd from Photo Direct, the company that has exclusive distribution rights for the Ez Share Memory Card that was one of the six winners out of the nominations for the PMA Retailer Hotpicks Awards at the Digital Show.


Ez Share, a Wi-Fi SD card created by LZeal, has the functions of high capacity storage and wireless transfer in the standard SD card package.


This sort of wireless SD card empowers the card with picture store and wireless transfer to smart terminals such as tablets, smart phones and laptops, which grants DC/DSLR/DV the ability to transfer pictures instantly after shooting photos/videos by plugging Ez Share into Digital Cameras.


Content on the ez Share can be viewed, downloaded, saved, or uploaded to sites by Wi-Fi function-based smart terminals.


This state-of-the-art technology application is very powerful and useful for some professionals such as photographers, journalists, reporters, microbloggers, and bloggers to share their views through 3G/WLAN network.


“We signed exclusive distribution for the EZ Share Memory Card only a week before the Digital show from LZEAL in China, so we are pretty pleased that the judges think so highly of the EZ share,” Budd said.


Photo Direct had ten products on display at the event and Budd said 8 out of these were standouts that generated a lot of interest.


“This years show was one of the best in terms of product inquiry as well as sales enquiries and interestingly from both professional photographers at the show as well as everyday camera enthusiasts,” Budd continued.


“There is no doubt that products like the Ez Share Memory Card will be a hit here because of its unique WiFi sharing capability.”


“We will be expecting strong sales now through our Ez share sales website soon.”


Photo Direct’s “My Tego Skins” for iOS devices was also nominated in the Retailer Hotpicks award.


Peter Rose, Australian Director of Operations for PMA Australia and Alan Logue, PMA Trustee At Large, presented the winners their winning certificates.

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