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Overview ez Share

ez Share is a photo share card, containing the innovative design ideas in the standard SD card package. Despite of having the willing of Show or Sharing to friends instantly, you must have the following experience, trying to send out photos or video in the camera immediately, and usually you only find a computer and internet to transfer, and always be delay or forgot. Now with ez Share everything is solved, as long as there is Wi-Fi enabled devices (Smart phones, iPhone, iPad, tablet PCs, etc.), you can immediately send photos in the camera, share the life anytime, anywhere! It is very helpful for Photographers and Showers.

Plug and Play, Easy to Start
-       Standard SD Card Package, available for DCs/DVs/DSLRs/DPF, etc.
-       The design of Share Switch optimized battery efficiency and easily to be switched Wi-Fi on/off.
-       Capacity from 4GB up to 32GB is optional.
Friendly Customer Experience
-       Web Brower or App access is optimal.
-       Multi-platform (iOS/Android/Windows) app is offered.
-       Security and private, setting ez Share Wi-Fi SD Card, includes the Wi-Fi password, SSID, Wi-Fi channel, administrator password.
-       Support Owner mode and Visitor mode.
-       Share photos to your favorite SNS and Cloud, or send friends via email.
Auto-Push/Smart Download
-       Photos are wirelessly and automatically transmitted from camera to Wi-Fi device by enabling the “Auto-Push” function in apps.
-       Support batch download, selective download, files download of the entire directory, as well as features user-defined folder to store.
Support multi-format Files
-       Support photo/videos files such as JPG, RAW, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.
-       31 RAW formats supported.
State-of-the-art Technologies
-       Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, support Wi-Fi device to access ez Share wirelessly.
-       Multi-user to access, Multi-channel download, up to 5 users to access.
Capacity 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB
R/W Speed Class 4/Class 6/Class 10
Wireless Standards IEEE802.11b/g/n 
Dimension/Weight 32mm*24mm*2.1mm / 4g 
Applications Digital Camera, Digital Video, DSLR or other devices with SDHC slot
Access Terminals Wi-Fi device(iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Tablets, Pad, Laptops) 
Browsers Support Safari /IE/OPERA/Chrome/UC 
Operating Range Indoor:5-10m;Outdoor:25-50m 
Max. Access Users 5 

Card Identification, Wi-Fi Access





Q: Why some Samsung GALAXY Note III-branded smartphones display "The Internet is not available" or some Wi-Fi connectivity-related problems when connecting ez Share Wi-Fi SD card?
A: On smartphone’s Wi-Fi interface --->Press "Menu" key of phone--->Select "Advanced" on pop-up interface--->Disable "Automatic network switch". Detailed setting processes as following illustrated:




Q1: Can ez Share® Wi-Fi SD card be formatted?
A: Yes.
1)    Please format ez Share® card using your DC for the first use.
2)    When camera displays messages such as "Cannot create a folder", "The card is unformatted", "Cannot recognize the memory card", "Memory card is full" or other information, you can re-format the ez Share® card using your DC or computer, ready for re-use.
3)    ez Share® card will be reset to default settings after being formatted.
Q2. ez Share® Wi-Fi SD card is on Share Mode, but Wi-Fi device can’t access it successfully?
1)    Make sure device’s Wi-Fi has been turned on.
2)    Confirm it is close enough between Wi-Fi device and digital camera.
3)    Make sure that the IP setting of Wi-Fi device is “Enable DHCP” or disables “Static IP Address”.
Q3: Why can ez Share® card be repeatedly connected before, but not now?
A: Please try to delete ez Share in the hotspot lists of Wi-Fi device (“Forget this Network” on iPhone), and then connect ez Share card again
Q4. How to view photos in camera by Wi-Fi device when Wi-Fi device successfully access ez Share® Wi-Fi SD card?
Browser access mode:
1)    Confirm web explorer is one of the followings: Safari\ IE\Opera\Chrome\UC.
2)    Input the complete website “ez” or any letters on the browser address bar, and press ENTER key, it will automatically lead you to the interface
App access mode:
1)    Please confirm that ez Share® app is downloaded and successfully installed in Wi-Fi device (please visit website:, or search for “ez Share” in the Apple Store or Android Store to download the app).
2)    Please confirm that app software is started and in operation.
Q5: Which kind of format does ez Share® card support?
Q6: How to identify the firmware version of ez Share® card?
Browser access mode: Click “Cloud Lab” interface to check the version information.
App access mode: Click “Setting”->“Feedback”.
Q7. How to keep ez Share® card running for a long time?
A: Please avoid camera to enter power-saving mode. It will shut down ez Share® card’s power; it is highly recommended setting camera as non-power-saving mode when you perform “Share” function (See camera’s user manual).
For example, some Nikon brand models settings: Menu->Custom Settings menu->Auto Meter-off Delay.
Q8. Can ez Share® card be used as a normal SD card when “Share” mode is turned off?
A: Yes, it can be used as a normal SD card when you turn off the Share mode at the bottom of ez Share® card, which is beneficial to power-saving for a digital camera.
Q9: Does ez Share® card allow multi-users to access?
A: Yes, ez Share® card simultaneously supports multi-user access. Exceeding maximum number of users might result in network jam or abnormal display.
Q10: How do I reset the SSID name and password?
A: The default hotspot name (SSID) is “ez Share”, and the Wi-Fi password is “88888888”, admin password is “admin”. You can change the SSID and password by yourself or reset them as following:
1.    Insert the ez Share® card into SD slot of the computer (Use USB to SD converter if no slot in the computer).
2.    Delete the file named “ezshare.cfg” in the root directory.
3.    Eject the ez Share® card using your computer’s safe mode.
4.    “Hotspot name (SSID)”,” Wi-Fi password” and” admin password” have been successfully reset to default ones.
Q11: What can I do if the camera or video recorder displays "Cannot create a folder", "The card is unformatted", "Cannot recognize the memory card", "Memory card is full", etc. the Wi-Fi SD cannot be used normally, why?
Possible reasons:
1)    ez Share® card supports SDHC standard, so as for the earlier DC that does not support the SDHC, it cannot be recognized and used.
2)    In consideration of the safety design, some model DCs cannot recognize the SD card that was used in other DCs; you can re-format the ez Share® card by the current DC or computer and then use it.
Q12. How to avoid slow speed caused by multi-channel conflict in too many Wi-Fi hot spots environment?
A: ez Share® card allows user to configure the Wi-Fi Channel manually, you can enter "Change Configuration (Browser access)" interface or “Card Settings (App access)” to change the "Wi-Fi Channel" (can be set to Channel 1 to 13, the default is Channel 11).
Q13: After ez Share® card is formatted by the DC, the SD card capacity is abnormal, but ez Share® card can also be accessed and visited.
A: ez Share® card supports SDHC standard, so as for the earlier DC that does not support the SDHC, it possibly cannot recognize and use the memory function of the card.
Q14: Why can ez Share® card not be read and written when using some brands of SD card reader?
A: ez Share® card enables Wi-Fi function on Share mode, so the power consumption is higher than a conventional SD card. Some branded card reader can’t drive ez Share card because of its lower power supply capacity, and will not recognize the card. The user is recommended to disable ez Share card Wi-Fi function when using the card reader, so as to guarantee that the computer can normally access to the ez Share® card.
Q15: My phone has Wi-Fi function, why I cannot search for and connect ez Share® card?
A: Please confirm that whether the Wi-Fi channel value of your mobile phone is matched to ez Share card’s channel value. (Reference channel value: US:CH1-CH11; Japan: CH1-CH14; Other regions: CH1-CH13). For this purpose, if you use American mobile phone and set the channel of ez Share® card as 12 or 13, you phone will not search for the ez Share® network, or cannot connect and access ez Share® card. At this moment, you are recommended to change the ez Share® card channel into any one of the CH1-CH11.
Q16: Why the Wi-Fi signal is unstable, often disconnected, or difficult to be connected when ez Share® card is used in some camera?
A: The quality of W-Fi signal, in the actual use, will be influenced by many factors such as shield caused by the metal camera shell, battery, surrounding wireless signal interference, transmission distance, temperature, etc., which will impact the connection and transmission rate of communication.
Q17: After successfully accessing to ez Share® card, can Wi-Fi devices play videos online?
Browser access mode:
Files have to be decoded by certain processing technologies, so do video files. Online play for video files can be performed if consumer’s Wi-Fi device was installed decoder software for those videos that they want to play.
App access mode:
Online play for video files is available for Android App of ez Share, regrettably yet for iOS App of ez Share. Video files downloaded to local album of ez Share App can be played if Wi-Fi device was installed decoder software; otherwise, it will not.
Q18: Why photos and video files downloaded from ez Share® card cannot be opened in some Wi-Fi devices?
A: Files have to be decoded by certain processing technologies. These files can be opened if consumer’s Wi-Fi device was installed decoder software for them.
Q19: How to identify owner’s ez Share card to protect privacy and to reject unauthorized access when couples of ez Share cards co-exist?
The default hotspot name (SSID) of ez Share® card is “ez Share”, and the Wi-Fi password is “88888888” and administrator password is “admin”. In order to avoid privacy disclosure, please change the hotspot name and password into personalized name after purchase.
Web Browser Mode
Q1: My mobile phone has already successfully connected to the ez Share® card through Wi-Fi, but why cannot I access to the login page of ez Share® after opening the browser, or cannot view the photos after successful login?
A: Possible reasons:
1)    Your mobile phone browser might be customized by software provider (such as Google search, etc.) According to this situation, you are recommended to input the complete domain name of ez Share® card indicated in instruction, such as “ez” or, etc.
2)    Maybe you are using certain Symbian-based smart phone or earlier smart phone of the same kind. These phone is designed only for visiting WAP sites, and not able to access ez Share card.
Q2: Why might latest picture not be displayed on the page after continued shooting and refreshing the webpage as well as not be searched by immediate input file name, while just need a time.
A: When there are many pictures by continuous shooting, the camera often saves files firstly and then updates the file directory. It will take some time and you can refresh and try again later.
Q3: Why exists in some display errors, such as the page is blank, pictures irregular arrangement or overlapping etc., when some Wi-Fi devices to access ez Share®?
Please make web explorer’s Java Script available for ez Share® card’s normal usage (refer to web explorer’s setting). 
Q4: Why photos which just been taken cannot be displayed in the first position in ez Share® web browser interface?
A: ez Share® card sequences photos in backward alphabetical order, but some cameras have special naming rules for the pictures. For example, file name first letter of single shooting images and continuous shooting photo are inconsistent, such as: Single shooting photos file name is D*******; while continuous shooting photo file name is S*******. This will cause the result of the display order of continuous shooting photos always is ahead of all single shooting photos.
Q5: In web browser mode, why inconsistent download rate occurs when download the files from the same ez Share® card by using the same access device? Why such situation also occurs when using the different versions of the downloading device?
A: The wireless products are vulnerable to the interference of the environment and cause the inconsistent transmission rates due to the change of the network environment. ez Share® card is designed to support the download with the third-party tools, but since the different download tools or different software versions of the same downloading tool have inconsistent processes and methods for treating download, which also cause inconsistent download rates.
Q6: How to open zip file (“.tar” format) downloaded by iPad? What software from Apple store is needed to decompress?
A: Download the software that can decompress the compressed files of “.tar” format from App Store (such as Filer, iUnarchive, ZipApp, etc.)
Q7: Why are pictures not available after entering “Photo Gallery” page in web browser access?
A: Cameras of some brands save the pictures in the catalogue “100SHARE”, and the program will hide to display this catalogue. So please refresh the page after format the ez Share® card.
Q8: When using the web browser to access to the ez Share® card, sometimes the page of the browser cannot be opened, the browser crashes after opening, or the loading page is periodically shown, why?
A: Please operate “Clear History”, “Clear Cookies and Data” in the browser before use.
App Access Mode
Q1: Does that type of ez Share® card supports Wi-Fi devices to use the App software to connect?
A: As long as the ez Share® card firmware version is above 3.4.0, it will support the use of the app software, for the early ez Share® card lower than such version that does not support app software, you can visit the ez Share® website:, and upgrade firmware of the card through downloading software “ez Share® tool”.
Q2: Which platform does the ez Share® iOS app and Android app support? How to check app version? How to find out whether my app is the latest version?
Platform support: iOS5.0,iOS6.0
Device support: iPhone3, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iTouch4, iTouch5, iPad, iPad2, new iPad, new iPad2, mini iPad.
Ø Android: Android2.2 and above.
Ø Windows: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7.
Check app version: Run app ->Settings->Follow Us. Please visit the official website of ez Share® to check the information about the latest version.
Q3: What’s the meaning of “Auto Push” in the app? How to enable it?
A: The app “Auto Push” function of the ez Share® card refers to the function that automatically transmits the photos in the camera to the Wi-Fi device (without need of manual download). This function can be enabled by entering the settings interface of app. It is disabled in default.
Q4: In the App, I have enable “Auto Push” function, why do photographs not be automatically transferred to Wi-Fi devices?
1)    Please confirm to maintain the smooth wireless connection between Wi-Fi devices and ez Share® card.
2)    The auto push will push the photos shot after enable the “Auto Push”, and the photos shot before starting up the auto push will not be pushed.
3)    Please confirm that time setting of your camera is right, because the ez Share® card is designed in a way that when the shooting date of the newly-shot photos is later than the shooting date of the first photo of the card album, the newly shot photos will be automatically pushed, otherwise, the newly-shot photos will not be automatically pushed.
Q5: Can "Auto Push" permits to push photos to multiple Wi-Fi devices?
A: ez Share® card is designed for accessed to the browse and downloaded by multi-user, but it only allows one Wi-Fi device to enter the card settings page and enable “Auto Push” function with the administrator password, and only this device can receive the pushed photos. When this device disable the “Auto Push” function and quit from the card settings page, another device can enter the settings page and enable the push function with the administrator password.
Q6: Why the photos downloaded at the App or automatically pushed to the Apple devices cannot be seen in the Apple devices’ Camera Roll (defaulted album)?
A: ez Share® card is designed to save the downloaded or automatically-pushed photos and video files in the folder of the app software “Local Album”. You can manually transfer the photos from the “Local Album” to the “Camera Roll” of the Apple device. Limited by the Apple device, the photo file name and size transferred in this way may change.
Q7: Why adding the photos from the “Local Album” to the Apple device “Camera Roll” fails by using app?
A: After iOS system upgrades to the latest version, when add the photos from the “Local Album” to the “Camera Roll”, the Apple device will prompt allow the ez Share® accesses to camera roll?”, but you select “No”, then all the photos will not be transmitted successfully. Settle it through the following method: click “Settings” -> “Privacy” ->”Photos”, and find the “ez Share®” and enable the button.
Q8: Why does app occasionally happen suddenly quit or crash, etc.?
A:Please confirm that the ez Share® app you use is the latest version, and the following phenomena may occur to the earlier version: flash back, program remains unchanged on the loading screen, program crash, etc. Try the following operation: close and then open the ez Share® app, or re-download the latest version of app.
Q9: Where are photos that automatically pushed or downloaded by App saved in Android app?
A: Photos and video files are saved in the folder ez Share® or the self-defined folder of the Android phone, and meanwhile, it can be checked in the “Album” of the Android phone.
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